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Guelph School of Art Workshop — March 2015

Guelph Workshop 1 June 2014Iris in pen & ink Watercolour 5

My first workshop of 2015 started where I had finished off in December at the Guelph School of Art in Guelph (Ontario). The workshop was on botanical drawing using pen & ink and watercolour washes (see project above), an interesting medium mix and technique for the botanical artist looking for something a little different.

Below: Pen & ink drawings with watercolour washes applied — Iris and poppy.

Guelph 1

I chose a bearded iris for the workshop project, one that was subtle in its colouring so as to not distract from the pen and ink. I started out with a line drawing and then toned the subject with graphite to provide a base to add the ink layers (see below).

Iris in pen & ink Drawing Graphite

Guelph 2

Above: Student project showing the graphite undertone stage of the drawing.

Below: Step-by-step handouts.

Guelph 5

Once the graphite undertone is established, the first layer of ink is applied (see below). After completing the pen & ink layers, colour swatches are prepared and the watercolour washes are applied over the pen & ink drawing.

Guelph 18

Guelph 16

Guelph 15

Below: Two finished student Iris drawing projects — Pen & ink with watercolour washes.

Guelph 10Guelph 8

My next workshop will be in April at Hardy’s Hobbies & Crafts in Madoc, Ontario. The workshop will cover three days and will be on oil painting techniques — Still life, landscape and floral projects.

For more information on this event check out my website for details.