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Guelph School of Art Summer Workshop

Finally we are into the heat of the summer and at the end of another two-day, coloured pencil botanical drawing workshop at Guelph School of Art (in Guelph, Ontario). The studio is located on the third floor at 125 Wyndham Street North, above and connected to Wyndham Art Supplies which occupies the first and second floors. The studio space in downtown Guelph has a lot of architectural character and is flooded with natural light. The Botanical Drawing in Coloured Pencil workshop, covered two Sundays on June 8 and 15 and and ran from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Guelph Workshop 1 June 2014

A nice place to hang out on a summer weekend.

Guelph Workshop 3 June 2014

The residents are interesting too!

The main project in coloured pencil for the workshop was a magnificent Cattleia orchid that I had recently photographed at Sheridan Nurseries. The vivid colouring and markings prompted me to paint the flower in oil on a wood panel on a black background (shown below), as well as to capture the beauty of the flower in a step-by-step coloured pencil project for the summer workshop.


Cattleia orchid (work in progress) — Oil on wood panel 20 x 16 inches

Both Prismacolor and Faber-Castell coloured pencils were used to render the orchid project (below), using a variety of techniques such as layering, undertoning and burnishing to create a realistic “painterly” effect to the finished work. I used demonstrations and step-by-step page instructions throughout the workshop so that students could follow along at their own pace and have detailed instructions to refer back to (see example below). The surface for the project was Arches 240 lb hot-pressed watercolour paper.

Guelph Workshop 5 June 2014

Student project (work in progress): Cattleia orchid in coloured pencil

The student project above shows the first layers of colour applied  prior to fixing and adding further layers. Although the work above is still in the developing stages, the overall effect achieved is quite striking.  Three layers will undoubtedly complete the flower to a very dramatic and realistic finish.

My next workshop in coloured pencil will be on the shores of the beautiful Lake Huron at Southampton Art School on July 10 & 11.

See you then.